About me

My Productivity Passion

Productivity is a lifelong project and passion of mine. Whether it's techniques to stop, overcome and beat procrastinaton or hacks to replicate the presure we all experience right before an impending deadline I'm all over it.

Furthermore, what really awakens me is utilising all of my (always growing) productivity insights with ambitious people battling against the perils of persuing impact.

After recently earning an MBA degree I am more eager than ever to devise share and utilise systems to generate sky-high productivity levels.

My Productivity Mission

My mission is to challenge entrepreneurs to connect with proven approaches, to calmly breathe life into otherwise stagnant plans.

My Productivity Values

My productivity values are six-fold:

  1. Separate the thinking from the activity - So much of being productive is about creating structure from chaos. I believe that to achieve elevated productivity levels that are sustainable, always striving to separate the thinking from the activity matters.
  2. Let ideas incubate - Where do we get our best ideas? From our consious or subconscious mind? I believe our best ideas come from our subconscious mind. So, being purposeful at letting our subconcious connect various inputs is always wise.
  3. Always elevate the level of conversation - Higher level conversations inolve more clarity than chaos. So husting that results in a higher level of discourse is worthwhile.
  4. Routine not travel is an ally of productivity - Travel can be alluring, and while constantly moving can stimulate us positively; on the whole I view travel as an inferior relative of routine within the context of productivity.
  5. Rapport is crucial - While it might make sense for a productivity coach to present themelves in a matter-of-fact manner at all times; I believe prioritising the development of rapport matters more than being exclusively black and white.
  6. Humour is mandatory - Being able to get things done with humor is important and should never be overlooked.