Monthly Productivity Coaching

I coach challenge entrepreneurs to ignite otherwise stagnant plans using my "Gun To The Head" productivity methodology.

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Alan Kay MBA

Provocative Productivity Coach

Here's What You Get...

Each month, you will receive:

Two Coaching Calls

We will discuss options for productivity to rectify lacking performance, clarify ambiguities and extend favourable levels.

Personalised Report

Management reports with high-level strategic models that structure oral data accrued so future conversations are at the highest level possible.

Two 'Crisis Tokens'

I'll be there for you if and when things waive off course to swiftly co-create solutions that transform crises into blessings.

Plus You'll Also Get...

Progress reflections: Through rigorous reflective practice, we'll celebrate the good and make sense of things when results are not satisfactory. This will be key to accelerating your productivity IQ.

Here's What You Get In Your 1st Month...

In your first month a robust foundation will be developed to cultivate sustainable productivity levels where the following will be provided:

SWOT & SOAR Analysis

A snapshot of your strengths and weaknesses as well as your aspirations will be captured to generate insight.

1-Page Marketing Plan

A snapshot of how you market your brand will be captured on one page as a tool for further development.

Business Model

Your current personal business model will be captured as a tool for further development.

Value Proposition

Your personal value proposition will be captured as a tool for further development.

12-Week Action Plan

A plan to accomplish more in 12 weeks than most people do in a year will be provided.


Recommendations for action will be provided and justified with evidence-based sources.

Here's How We'll Work Together...

Over time, my "Gun To The Head" productivity methodology will be pivotal in how we work together to cultivate sustainable productivity:


Snapshots of your current endeavours are captured.


Your most critical tasks and projects are identified.


A plan to make your success inevitable is created.


Once expectations are set: You will be held you to account.

"Working with Alan was life changing. I moved forward in my life in terms of my productivity after just working with him for just under a month to crystalize my life plans."

Sorty Meija

"Alan is a no BS get it do at a top shelf level, striving for excellence and not settling for just good. Executes projects to the highest possible standards."

Tom Beal

Get Things Done In Spite Of Yourself

I can empower you to overcome limiting beliefs and destructive patterns holding you back from bringing your most ambitious plans into reality.

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Get Ready To Answer Unusual Questions

The questions I will be asking you are unusual by normal standards. They will lead you to think in different ways which can propel you to achieve what you very likely could only dream of.

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Achieve more together than you would alone

By having me holding you accountable for delivering demonstrable results we'll be able to complete things you would struggle to do alone.

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You can choose from a monthly option below or if you elect to invest with a yearly plan, you'll receive two months of free coaching:


$1,997 per month
  • 2 coaching calls / month
  • Personalized reports
  • Progress reflections
  • 2 'crisis tokens'
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Alan is a heavy hitter. Look to him for no-BS advice and consistent, effective action.

Maneesh Sethi

Let's achieve more together than you would alone

Let me hold you accountable so I can empower you to achieve what you otherwise would not.

Either $1,997 (billed monthly - you can cancel anytime).

Or $19,970 (billed annually - you get two months free).


However, if you have questions I'm more than happy to answer them over email.

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