"Gun To The Head" Productivity Coaching

What could you achieve if you experienced sky-high productivity levels daily, weekly and monthly?

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Creation process

I'm Alan Kay MBA. I provide monthly productivity coaching to talented people eager to make their dream projects a reality. Fundamental to my approach is my 'Gun To The Head' C.P.I.A. methodology outlined below:

1. Clarity

A snapshot of your current endeavours will be taken and organized.

2. Priority

Your critical tasks and projects will be identified.

3. Inevitability

Together, we will explore how to make your success inevitable.

4. Accountability

Once expectations are set: I will personally be holding you to account.

A no BS get it doe at a top shelf level, striving for excellence and not settling for just good. Executes projects to the highest possible standards.

Tom Beal, Make Today Great

Each Month 'Gun To The Head' Clients Receive:

Weekly Coaching Calls

You'll update me on your progress. While I don't expect everything to be plain sailing all the time it is likely you will be sharing at least a few things you are struggling with. After contemplating your updates together I will discuss with you options to sustain good performance, rectify lacking performance as well as improving overall performance for the coming week.

Progress Updates

With expectations set we will need to coordinate to ensure you are making significant headway. You can choose whether you want me to checkin with you at a certain time, at random OR whether you will checkin with me on a pre-defined schedule. Regardless, I will need to see progress and results. We will celebrate the good and make sense of things when results are less than satisfactory.

'Crisis Tokens'

Struggling with procrastination? Executing at a snail pace? Bogged down by distractions? Or just "too tired" to get it all done? In such scenarios and similar you can reach out to me up to two times every month. We can have a quick conversation over email, messaging or voice to get to the heart of the matter and outline a fix to whatever productivity ailment you are suffering from to get you back on track.

Make A Dent Towards Your Grandest Goals.

While working with Alan was quite a dramatic process, the result of it all was something quite magical. I would definitely work with him again.

Daphney Telford

Get Things Done In Spite Of Yourself

I can empower you to overcome limiting beliefs and destructive patterns holding you back from bringing your most ambitious plans into reality.

Finance results

Achieve more together than you'd alone

By having me holding you accountable for delivering demonstrable results we'll be able to do things together you'd struggle to do alone.

Finance results


It really is up to you to determine that. To help you come to a conclusion I encourage you to click on the 'enquire button'. After you fill in the form. We can talk first on the phone or through email so you can get a feel whether I am right for you

Fair warning though, by nature I am a demanding person. If we work together I will be making purposeful demands of you. I will be holding you accountable. I will expect you to satisfy my expectations of you. All of which are aimed at empowering you to achieve something you otherwise would not achieve.

Read any marketing book and you will likely see them encourage you to use the word "investment" as opposed to cost. This will more than likely be an investment as I can empower you to achieve things you would otherwise be unlikely achieve. Basic human psychology of having another human being albeit a demanding one like me holding you to account is powerful. That said I offer to options, or rather two "investments":

$1,997 (billed monthly - you can cancel anytime)
You'll get two coaching weekly calls each month. These calls will ensure you remain on track.

Plus, you'll also get checkins via instant messaging apps (unless we agree a pre-defined communication schedule) to ensure you remain on target. And in addition, if required, you have two 'crisis tokens' to use if and when required each month so you can remain on track and in the fast lane heading purposely towards the realisation of your grandest goals.

And, it's not just calls you'll get from me, I'll be following up on what you tell me with personalized reports that structure oral data accrued as well as supplement with high-level strategic models so all future conversations are at the highest level possible.

Yes. If you would like to talk on the phone or over email I'm happy to do that.

I have found that the first interaction with a new client is critical for me to understand how to best provide a bespoke coaching solution. So we can take at length if required (within reason).

If a free consultation is what you want, then please press the 'enquire now' button fill in the form and request a free consultation in the text you provide. Thank you.

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